Delaware Downy Mildew Lima Bean Risk Tool


This tool uses two risk assessment models which predict the likelihood of the existence of downy mildew based off of atmospheric conditions:

1. Hyre, R.A. 1952. The Development of a method of forecasting downy mildew of lima bean. Plant Disease Reporter Supplement179-180.

2. Raniere, L. C., 1964: The use of consecutive hourly dewpoints in forecasting downy mildew of lima beans. Plant Dis Reptr: 77-81.

Each score gives a numerical value between 0 and 10 and are seperated into the following risk categories; Low (0-6), Medium (7), and High (8-10).

This tool visualizes the risk scores and associated meteorological data on a daily basis. Below is an example of the Hyre and Raniere Risk score along with the 5-day Avg. Max Temperature for a sample farm for part of the 2016 growing season:

Hyre Score

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