Delaware Downy Mildew Lima Bean Risk Tool


This tool integrates local meteorological data into two risk assessment models to categorize the susceptibility of a lima bean farm field to downy mildew. Users have the ability to create farm fields in the system and can provide information such as the name, location, planting date, and the most recent season where downy mildew was discovered. Both the Hyre and Raniere risk models are run from the planting date to the current date and those values as well as the associated meteorological variables are available for display in both graphical and tabular form. (view more)

Model Assumptions

1) A susceptible cultivar has been planted.
2) The crop is at a stage where there is susceptible tissue available for downy mildew.
3) There are no area-wide concerns (i.e., an epidemic) for downy mildew.
4) An accurate field disease history has been provided.


The Delaware Downy Mildew Lima Bean Risk Tool is a web-based system that requires a user account to gain access. To obtain a user account, please e-mail with "Lima Bean Risk Tool" in the subject line. A username and temporary password will be e-mailed to you by a DEOS system adminstrator and you may begin using the tool.


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